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Lorenzo is an Italian guitarist composer .. who studied pro guitar at the Music Academy of Bologna in Italy.

Lorenzo has been making music since he was a child and says “every moment of his life is marked by a soundtrack that he creates himself“.

Lorenzo began this musical project after disappointing collaborations and decided to go on alone, hence the name lore_alone. However, Lorenzo proposes his songs to be sung by talented professionals with really high level interpretations.

in this song, Only You, with which Lorenzo started this adventure, he was lucky to collaborate with Bobby Bonev who gives with his interpretation an extra gear to the piece and a beautiful rnb mood .. the song talks about love as it should be between two honest young people, clean and deep full of hope dreams but at least the certainty of love for the future.

Only You has been added to mysoundMusic Artist Spotlight and mysoundMusic Featured Artist.

Check back for more music by lore_alone

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