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Lou Zero is back to producing music again, this time, in a more organic way, music is created just using his classical nylon string guitar and himself singing the original tracks that emerge powerfully in a very cathartic and explosive creative stage.

Once, melodies, chord progressions and lyrics are created he adds some electronic fat beats to these Latin influenced tracks to create an original musical piece, It’s like combining traditional latin vibes with some nice Hip hop/Trap beats, creating a very unique musical cocktail!

I created this track using my nylon string guitar, creating a very powerful riff, some Latin style chord progression, then added some fat 808 beats and a reggae style bass, I spiced it all up with some electronic features and synths creating a very robust and at the same time interesting Sound.

In terms of the lyrics, like all the other tracks that will be part of this EP, they are all about the pass of time in everyone’s life, in this one specifically I speak about how everything has a destiny
Lou Zero
Lou Zero
Episode 1