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MAKE BELIEVE LOVE is the brainchild of amateur auteur Lucas Berman, a Tinseltown native. Growing up in the shadows of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, Berman’s work is equal parts pulp and pop.

This project utilizes a variety of genres (pop, rockabilly, ska, reggae, proto-punk, and post-punk) to distill the “best of” disparate yet strangely compatible sounds.

The songs feature the musicianship of Louie Diller (HOLYCHILD, Louie!Louie!) and Sam Stewart (Lo Moon, CHVRCHES) to flesh out Berman’s vision, which includes tasteful, but sparse lead guitar and heavy keyboards/analog synths at all times.

This is a new project and Berman hopes you’ll stick around for the ride.

REALITY TV is the latest single from MAKE BELIEVE LOVE.

This upbeat, tongue-and-cheek, kitschy number advances a narrative of unrequited love using the names of actual reality TV shows – and makes them rhyme! On reality TV, people seem to magically come together, whereas in real life, we know it’s much more complicated.

This song posits, “if only we could be on reality tv, maybe then you’d see, that you’re the one, the only one, for me.” The melodies of different sections (verse, prechorus, chorus, bridge) are intentionally derivative of TV theme songs and the chorus resolves in one big, bad, saccharine sweet hook.

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this homage to unscripted sleaze!