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Mark Colgan writing more songs than ever

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Mark Colgan is, as Sting once sang, a ‘Legal Alien’… an Englishman now happily living in Naples, Florida. He first made his mark in his motherland, writing and playing traditional English Folk music, often sharing the same bill with famed artists like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and Long John Baldry.

Along with Supertramp, he was asked to contribute two songs to the soundtrack of a cult movie. Now transplanted in the southern USA, he hasn’t come to Florida to retire… in fact, he’s now mapping his life’s journey through his songs and writing more than ever, collaborating with strikingly talented Harp Guitarist and producer, Andy Wahlberg (all six feet seven of him).

Movin’ Down is a positive Country Pop tune about the highway of Life we’re all traveling. Arranged and produced by Andy Wahlberg who also plays the guitar solo.