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miLarKey is from London and has recently started writing in a new genre: Alternative Awareness Rock. Spiritual lyrics sung to decent music not pan pipes!

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Below is highlights from an interview with miLarKey. Full interview is found on Vocal.Media

miLarKey releases new song
My mother inspired me from a very early age.
The lyrics I write and the crossover of sounds that I use.
Write and release
I create from my intuition, my genius.
Sometime finding the time to record can be challenging but I just refocus and it gets done!
That we are all powerful creators we just need to wake up!
This song is about my transformation form course I did last year.
Yes I plan to make and release a video for this song.
Resonate is the best song I have ever release because of the way I have written it I know it is true to my heart.
Last week one morning I intuitively got that I should collaborate with something, that same evening I got a message from someone that they intuitively got that they should collaborate with me.
To touch as many of people's hearts as I can and transform their lives.
Empowering myself and others to live their TRUE potential.

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