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Monokino is the alias for Dutch composer George van Wetering. Hailed as “a free spirit that finds harmony with disparate elements and a pattern without a formula” Monokino’s uniquely odd-ball pop has already struck a chord with audiences across the globe.

Seeing his music released by labels including Konkurrent (NL), Zip Records (USA/NL) and major record company Modern Sky from Asia, albums such as Human Error and Fake Virtue launched Monokino into five consecutive tours of China and North America; visiting landmark festivals from China’s Strawberry Festival to the US’s South by Southwest along the way.

Bend or Break (Lockdown Version) came out when a music blog asked Monokino to record a live version of his song ‘Bend or Break’ (released two months ago with many radio spins such as BBC radio) during the curfew in Holland.

This studio version is very different, as it slowly slides into an electronic ending connecting two different vibes/styles and details the story of how people can become consumed by misinformation and the range of methods news is provided, and ultimately how this can create a warped outlook on life.

Bend or Break after being added to Artist in the Queue eventually found its way to mysoundMusic playlist.

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