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Mr. Muzix: An Unstoppable Musical Force

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Mr. Muzix (born & raised in Lithonia, GA,), most commonly referred to as ‘Muzix’, is a young and influential songwriter, musician, and artist.

Mr. Muzix Brandy

He prides himself on consistently evolving and being original with every project. ‘Muzix’ has been noted to some as an “unstoppable musical force”. With his deep pocketing rhythms and infectious bass lines, his sound has been considered different and addictive.

BRANDY was actually written about a friend I went to school with; though I’m sure she’ll never find out who she is. Beyond the concept of the track, it, like all others of mine, was written, recorded, produced, and engineered all in-house by myself. — It also includes my favourite guitar solo thus far, of all my material.”

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