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Night Talks released their sophomore album, Same Time Tomorrow, on February 24th 2022 following a sold out Album Release Show at The Troubadour on February 23rd 2022.

The newest single from the album “On And On” has been in the top 5, including 8 weeks at #1, on KROQ Locals Only since it debuted on the show in February.

The song “On and On” came from my realization that though relationships will come and go throughout your life, they often follow similar paths.

The relationships I had with friends and family when I was a kid have changed considerably in my adult life, but they have a lot of the same rhythms.

The phrase “Same Time Tomorrow” represents a willingness to show up and put in the work to fix or maintain a relationship, especially when you’re in a rough patch. Things might be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you’re done– it just means that you’ll show up the next day and try again.

Night Talks
Night Talks
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