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Omer B blends electronic elements with live instrumentation to create a truly unique sound.

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Omer B’s “Healing Strings” will transport you to a realm where melodies heal and rhythms resonate with your spirit.

This unique collaboration combines Clara Sophia’s enchanting healing voice, Omer B’s soulful guitar melodies, and the masterful fretless bass of the legendary Dr. Yossi Fine. Together they create a mesmerizing symphony that transcends genres and takes you on a musical journey like no other.

Polina Faustova’s passionate cello adds depth and emotion to every note, while Glenn Welman’s precise and powerful drums provide the perfect rhythmic foundation. The result is a harmonious blend of acoustic instruments that breathe life into the composition.

No artificial intelligence or synthetic sounds here – it’s all about the raw talent and musicality of these incredible artists. Let “Healing Strings” transport you to a place of serenity, where music becomes a powerful healer.