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pitched n placed songs

Blow Flyy – Where Do We Go

The Hong Long Dollars – Nothing Without Me

Pixelgod – If I Want 2

Rev Peter Unger – Heaven Only Knows

Zam Adams

@prodby_ksk – One Take

Bob Pepek

Mike Joiner – 1 Day

Denzel Andrew – Isaiah’s Lullaby

Lukx – Get Shit Done

904DadLife – Let’s Quit Talking

badass keema – The Weekend

Tina In Color – Be Thankful for What You Got (Diamond in the Back)

Nessie – Deadlock

Cing – Long Game – Instrumental

Cassie Chantel – OUT THE STREETS

T Retro – Take It Slow

D.w.D – La Noche

Cing – Today

steevn shires – BLING HOUSE

Silver Warehouse – The Mood

Outro – Sorrow

Chris Twist – Love Won’t Save Us Today

Eternity Songs – IT’S YOUR TIME (DESTINY)

Yomi Beatz – Broken

__B_O_S_A__ – Lost My Chance

Sarah in the attic – Guilty Pleasures

Guava Moon – Never Cared

Amos Osterhaus – Royal Bouquet

Lee Knox – Arms Open Wide


Julian Scott – One Way Street

Solomon Childs – I AM A LEGEND

Freaky Focus – Everything Changes


StrikingSpirit – JAPAN 2024

2Sher, Crankids – Move

Brandon Keibler – Loved You From The Start

BlackLight – What It Feels Like


Davante Devaughn – Loveliness

Eternity Songs – MOTHER EARTH LULLABY ft Shelley Jennings

NC76 – The War Raven

Mohit Khanna – Melodica

Pixelgod+SQUAD – Rise up Blitz

P Myerz – Aftermath

The Darkest Side of Me – Battle Of My Truth

Stefano Pesapane – Quando Non Ci Sei

J03l – Otra Vez

Guava Moon – NightWalker (Vecna’s Curse)

Chris Twist – Against Gods

Cora Duke – Sweet Norma Jones – Cristian Crepaldi Remix

Topo La Maskara – La Paso

Kami – Touch

Graffiti Welfare – Volume

RAM6, Special-Jay – Set Me on Fire

T Retro – Asteroid Shower

Asia Luckey – The First Time Baby Is a Holiday

LOV – Keep Holding On – Piano Version

Tim Muriello – Day Dream

Polyphonic Exophilia, lil kyo XR – Jazz me away

Griffon – El Libre – Extended

Lukx, Blake G – Optimist

OR/ANA – Stay Right There

Lost on the Metro – Mariana

Gxby – Stuck In My Brain

C. Mac – Lifeboat

Anne Lemmen – Sonnenuntergang House

Freaky Focus – Red Light

SONIC GUNS – Knew Your Name

The Spider Accomplice – Rebels and Riders

Fin Gren – Young Man Single Edit

Chesterwhite – Galley Slave

Davante Devaughn – Bloods Thicker Than Water

The Cinemark – Hope Ahlers

Brian Walton – Cowgirl Thang

Leslie Maraj – PULL UP

Jonny Cool – Warp Speed

Diego Carcaño – naive

Eternity Songs – I’M ALREADY GONE

Ferdinand The Bull – Brooklyn

Forgetmyname – High

Find The Rose – Don’t Settle

Bradzbaby – Studied

Foster C K – Sin Limo Dream

Damian LU$ – Freestyle

Polyphonic Exophilia – Try no more

Supa Blaze – Everyday

__B_O_S_A__ – Sand King

Loopro, Vassa – Amsterdam

LeoLeo – The Wild – Mixed

ERNNO – Fever

The Slacksons – STORMY WEATHER – Radio Edit

Forrest Funk – Spin It

Guava Moon – OrcLord

Jaysus Zain – P1990X

Kid Kizzi – OOO [I Ain’t Into You]

Kevin Sunday – Do What You Love

Suburban Sound Machine – Perfect Life

Darkside Drive – You’re The Man

Melancholy Park – Pathways

Ina Shai – Queen

Westhawk – Guns Down

CE Freddie – Is It You Or Am I Wrong

Kevin Sunday – Do What You Love

IIM – Neighborhood Girl

The Headliners – II The Streets – Radio Edit

unbalanced lines – Echoes of Distant Thunder

Davante Devaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got

OneFiftyNine – I Need You – R&B/Jazz Version

Sam Matthews, Ela Zusznik – Can’t Get Enough

BYSNick – Her Eyes

Lil Murky – Lost in the darkness

Kaj Loud – THOT I Told You

The Hong Kong Dollars – Kick the power out


J.A.S – Rich Af

Warrior Truth – Deep Down the Rabbit Hole

Cazp3r – Walking dead

Angelo Nicola Giuliano, Luca Mazzillo – Night in Rome

Damien Gibson – Without a Friend

King Kenya – No Ring freestyle

Werner Strand – Joyful

J.Outlaw – Crenshaw Raised Me

Anders Helmerson – Walzer Koenig

Chris Twist – Bipolar

NOVA – Cavalli

lil3huncho – Big J4

Zenn Gordon – Wherever I Go

Faye Jule – I Cried All Night

J03l – Un Drill

The Art Wanderer – Sleeping Flower

Higher Hill – Get Up and Go

Tobi Werner – Was wirst du tun

Hosa Flamez – Soul Cry

Theena – I’ve Got An Envie – Zydeco version

Daario – Why Do You Feel Like Home

Hosa Flamez – Soul Cry

PaidProgramming – Before I Die

Mission Man – Playing a Little Basketball

Andelo – Covality

Chris Twist – Liar Liar

Heyits3vo – How Bout That

The Darkest Side of Me – Stalker

Cailo – Suicide Bay

Domameno – Want my Time

Gtr Goldi – Static

Guava Moon – Operation Meteor

Nubn, Ramiro Pinheiro, Mark Aanderud – Os Grilos (Crickets Sing for Anamaria)

SongForYou – Slowly Deeply Madly

Sun-Pinned Leaves – Long Live

Leonard Damron, Kali Malia – Give a Little Love

Marcus Singletary – California Sun

Guava Moon – BeyondOasis

Angelo Nicola Giuliano – Nocturne in Venice

Alexa Cabral – Need to Know

Julian Scott – Far Away Again

Mel Fine – Alone Together

Angelo Nicola Giuliano, Luca Mazzillo – Beyond the mind

Veillance – Your Radiance

Griffon – Love Me Harder

Rayla – Made For Growing Up

Alex Kade, Adina V – Borderline

ALI LOL – Jimba Gin

Meet the Next – Ordinary World

Theena – Cozy Blanket

Borderline Toxic – Breakdown