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pop artist Pop Baby

Pop Baby is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently very active in the Pittsburgh club scene. Whether you’re a hardcore party animal or just like to get in your feels, Pop Baby has a song for you.

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Yes, my grandfather was a singer and was in a “doo-wap” group back in the 60s.
No one in particular. I have just always been interested in singing and music that I just wanted to do it forever.
Pop, Jazz, R&B, some Country, some Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Classical.
My sound is a mix of Pop and EDM. Nobody is really doing the big heavy dance stuff anymore and I say it’s time we give it a complete makeover and give it a new home.
Yes, I creative direct everything that I do.
There’s no formula to it, after all, it’s pop music not brain surgery. I’m always getting inspired me the world around me and whenever I think of a melody or a lyric I always write it down in my notes or voice memos until I can finalize it in the studio.
The only challenging thing I find in putting in new music is the pressure of topping my last project.
If I told you, it wouldn’t be hidden.
Pretend You Still Love Me is a record that kind of speaks to all people who have experienced heartbreak in a way and I think that’s what audiences will love about it.
Yes there is a music video on YouTube:
Fire. It’s a fan favorite and is my most streamed record so far in my career.
Definitely Disco Night.
My most recent magical moment happened two weeks ago and a venue I was playing in. After my performance, the entire SOLD OUT venue rushed up to the merch table to meet with me and had me sign autographs and take pictures with them. It was a great experience knowing I had made an audience fall in love with my music and my story. It was a moment where I thought to myself “this is why I do what I do”.
Yes. I would love to go to France or Italy.
I don’t have any set goal other than for the audience to take away at least something. Everyone views, sees, and hears things differently and as long as they felt or learned something I feel like I’ve done my job.
Instagram: @popbabyofficial
Making more music.

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