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PTtheGospelSpitter, AKA The BadBoy of Gospel is back with his release “Kingdom” feat. Stephen Voyce. PT shares vocal duties for this track with the impressive Nigerian/Canadian vocalist Stephen Voyce. Voyce’s pop and soul leanings are a natural fit for PT’s gospel roots and his own considerable soul and R&B chops.

I figured the best way to really make an impact with this record was to reach out to someone who has gone through something. When I would look at Stephen’s (Voyce) posts, he would take time to give you insight into his thoughts and his journey. Some of his points really had me thinking deep about my own life. When I saw that, I knew he was the perfect fit for “Kingdom.”

I also wanted the record to be a little different than what most would expect to hear from a faith based (Gospel or CHH) record. I wanted
“Kingdom” to be able to get into the hearts/minds of any listener regardless of the genre they listen to.

Kingdom (feat. Stephen Voyce)