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Warm, colored, pop. A pinch of colors, a hint of groovy pop with acoustic accents and a huge feeling of freedom.

With a real catchy chorus, « Tori » leads us to the sunny and winding roads of groovy poprock, with a summer feeling. Led by a dancing bass/drum groove, this song is structured around a clean and smooth voice, giving a summer holidays vibe.

The acoustic guitar is inspired by flamenco and a true horns ed music at the age of 5 with classical piano he practiced during many years. Little by little this classical background will led him to break the rules when he discovered Muse, alternative rock, acoustic and electric guitar.

pop rock artist red-nobilis

After many years of creation with a band, Red Nobilis went solo in 2019. Multi-instrumentalist, Red Nobilis composes, writes, plays, produces and records the whole instruments, except for drums.

With Red Nobilis we dive into a world where saturated guitars, melodies and warm harmonies meet, supported by a clean voice and vibrant crescendis.

More music by Red Nobilis. We will keep you up to date on all of Red Nobilis‘s new music, right here.

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