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The Artists Seasoned professionals, Rick Drevet and Mark Pappalardo collaborate on a new musical venture. Their vast musical and life experiences, energizes them to create classics that will stand the test of time. They share a life, and values philosophy of pulling from actual experiences.

Reaching deep into their hearts and souls, to find creative and poetic ways to convey these true stories to you, their fans. We sincerely hope you find their journey moving, entertaining and enjoyable.

The Music Hook filled, catchy tunes based in a Rock-Southern Rock-Blues blended style all their own. Soaring vocal harmonies, soul-stirring lyrics that draw you into the story, flanked by dual guitars and a beat that will have your head rocking and foot tapping!

I had a acquaintance that always seemed to be writing things in his book. I once asked and he told me that he kept record of every wrong thing he experienced. He did not offer to expand but my mind wandered into what might happen and “Book of Wreckage” was born.