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hio hop, r&b artist Rico

There are many ways to describe Rico, but unique, relatable, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface.

Rico is a 22 year old Canadian artist from Windsor, Ontario. He has been making music for over 2 years and within that time has found his voice, rapping and using different melodies on a variety of beats.

Invisible is the artist’s latest song, in which he raps about unreciprocated love that leaves him feeling unloved, or as the title says, “Invisible“.

The song features another Canadian artist named Cheska Cruz and this marks the collaboration between the two.

Gaining influence from artists like Drake, 6lack and Jack Harlow, the charm of his songs is that they are calm and rhythmical enough with a gentle voice. Rico excels in combining art, story, and melody in perfect unison. Sky’s the limit for this artist.

The featured song Invisible has been placed on Artist in the Queue and mysoundMusic explicit

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