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Hello everyone! My name is Rokita, and the stars have finally aligned to allow me to bring you music the way that I have been inspired by music.

I want my fans to hear original music with a unique singing style to augment the music.

My main purpose for creating music is to to inspire and make people ‘feel good’ after listening. With music I have a chance to have a positive influence on people, and for me that is very important.

Lessons of Life is a Powerful, Emotional song about finding purpose and happiness.

Everyone goes through major trials in their life and for me it was recovering from a relationship and finding love.

And for sure if you follow the ‘Lessons of Life’ path, your chances of finding purpose and happiness will surely come!

Be sure to check out the ‘Lessons Of Life’! Video!
It was filmed in Aculco, Mexico and has beautiful scenery.

rock artist Rokita

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