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As amazing a talent as she is, 20 year old singer MaKenzie “Jade 10” much prefers to play the background. “I just started college so right now I have no desire to be a big star or anything like that” says Jade-10. “I only want to sing songs by my friends and people I know”.. “And I want every song that I sing to have purpose and hopefully change someone’s life for the better”. I feel like if I take this thing too serious and have to mind the words of some lame in an office I won’t be true to myself”. “I’m too organic.. “I’m not even on social media because it’s so fake and distracting”. “I’m recording new songs but for now it’s just fun for me”

Seeing all the body shaming, online bullying, teenage depression and just everyday mental health struggles some are dealing with we thought it was time to help people feel good about themselves again. I Am Beautiful is meant to give hope, strength and confidence to anyone struggling with self identity.

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