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Tagnow playing

Rockband Dreamcall


Dreamcall is a Swedish metalcore band formed in 2005. With inspiration from bands such as Bleed From Within, Lamb Of God, Bury Your Dead and At the Gates etc. Dreamcall brings you intensity, powerful growls, complex riffs and super tight chugging...



This is a song about relationships A warm mix of pop and electronic music

pop artist Lee Reidy

Lee Reidy

Lee Reidy's latest release, “Postponed”, an honest tale of love at first sight, shares the true story of falling for someone just before moving cities during a global pandemic.

Hip hop artist MC Redwolf

MC Redwolf

MC Redwolf is a rapper from northern California known for his musical experimentation and his strong emphasis on lyricism. S-Ram is a singer who blends R&B and Pop into her own musical identity.

female pop singer


“About Us” is about the universality of some feelings like love, acceptance, tolerance, belonging. It is about knowing that beyond all our flaws and deceptions, we still feel that we deserve to be seen, accepted and understood.

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