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Singer Delphi


Delphi describes Stereo as “a groovy song embedded in Caribbean warmth with afro influenced drums in a dreamy atmosphere. The theme of the song is about letting go of the past and moving on.

Los Napoleones

A romantic bachata mixing the cuban origins of singers (Elamo and El Conde Fide) and the french romanticism.

hip hop artist Instant JJ

Instant JJ

Its a great Pop/Hop party groove with a classic feel. A sound that know will fit in well in your playlist. Super catchy and neatly arranged for repeated listening.

Indie band Sombre View

Sombre View

Sombre View is an alternative pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden playing music ranging from acoustic to electronic often with folk or classical touch. Forever Young is a heartfelt and beautiful acoustic interpretation of the old classic hit by...

Pronta Corde


ProntaCorde hails from Mexico City, doing electronic music inspired in disco sounds. Incorporating funky elements with electronic atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes, ProntaCorde’s music is created to be seen on great music videos.

new release by Max Rahn

Max Rahn

"With You" is the newest single from Max Rahn's upcoming album: "Your Mind Is A Weapon," releasing April 2, 2021.



This is a song about relationships A warm mix of pop and electronic music

Jacktigerz & Sara May

Jacktigerz & Sara May

Not Anymore is a chill future bass track. This song is an exclusive collaboration between Jacktigerz and Sara May. Together, they created an amazing dreamy atmosphere allowing the listener to feel nostalgic about the ended summer. The mix between...

singer songwriter Amber T

Amber T x Galaxy Thief

“Shaken” is the brand new single from Singer/songwriter Amber T and South Coast indie/rock 4 piece Galaxy Thief consisting of George Bowerman, Ben Watton, Jamie Eldridge and Jake Trim. Having never co-written with each other before both sides...

Hip hop artist MC Redwolf

MC Redwolf

MC Redwolf is a rapper from northern California known for his musical experimentation and his strong emphasis on lyricism. S-Ram is a singer who blends R&B and Pop into her own musical identity.

rock folk artist

Kind Red Spirits

Kind Red Spirits are based in the Twin Cities and their music has been featured on 89.3 the Current, 90.3 KFAI and thrice on the popular podcast Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan. Chris Ryan is a New York Times bestselling author (Sex at...

Chris Ising

Chris Ising

With over a hundred thousand streams, multiple award wins as a solo artist and songwriter to others, Chris Ising has built a strong reputation in the industry from his roots in Winnipeg down to the southern States.

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