Belbett, Malbo & Viex

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Belbett Main artist: Venezuelan born and raise, moved to Argentina past his 20’s, still in his 20’s producing music with passion with Viex as his music and beat producer and Level Waves Music behing, singer songwriter and composer for other artist. Each release packed with more punch and quality. Growing for more than a year testing and practicing vocal and lyrics skills is now ready for making hits!

Malbo Invited artist: Another Venezuelan in his 20’s who moved to Argentina with amazing talent for quick writing and rymes, they met inside the studio and came together with Viex to start creating their own songs and some collabs, with Imaginando being the first big one to release!

Viex: The producer, an Argentinian with great talent, excellent hearing and ideas on point, making learning a day to day necessity, everything he releases is a lesson learned for the next move. Someone to take into account on this generation of producers.

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