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‘Friends With A Cheater’ is a song about the emotional consequences people experience when they’re caught in-between the crossfire of cheating. The conversation is always about the cheater and the victim, but never the friends who are forced to pick a side or even worse, stay quiet. I aim to raise awareness that in the very common scheme of things, especially between men, cheating is never okay.

Chael is an independent singer/songwriter from Manila. Back in late 2018, Chael released his first single ‘2AM Love’ which was gained swift traction of over 1 million streams in just a few months. In times where songs can have multiple songwriters, Chael proves that songs with great lyrics can be written with just one. With his latest release ‘Friends With A Cheater’ Chael challenges stereotypes in relationships where cheating takes place and starts an important conversation on silence in such situations.

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