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Thea has performed on iconic stages.

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Thea, as a singer, has already performed on iconic stages like Admiralspalast Berlin and worked behind the scenes as a studio vocalist.

Just weeks after her first release ‘Sweet Lime’ Thea was chosen to attend the international Pop-Kultur festival in Berlin. Born in Magdeburg, Germany,

Thea was raised in an artist family. Between the chaotic daily life of her father being an actor and her mother being an art teacher she used her free space to explore music and singing already as a child.

Now living in Berlin her texts are about everyday irrelevance and the desire to be able to turn the world upside down.

DO MY THING is a refreshing mix of Rap, Alternative R’n’B and Neo-Soul. Syncopated beats, deep synthesized baselines, and a beautifully dimmed acoustic piano create the instrumental backdrop for Thea’s captivating voice.

In only her second release Thea completes a fulminant musical development by refining her very own way of rapping. Unplanned, but surprisingly authentic she seamlessly switches between unconventional rap parts and hypnotic, anthemic hooks. Intimate, yet powerful and self-confident, she calls out on standing in your truth.

singer Thea