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This Kind Of Things is DIY project that was born in 2010, when Zézé starts recording some instrumental ideas that were left in the drawer for a long time.

Initially the project was focused on the Post-Rock and Post-Punk genres. This trend was abandoned as the melodies were created and a female vocalist was added. Then the course turned towards something inspired mainly by Cranberries, Dido, Adna and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Now we can say that the genre is more like Alternative Pop-Rock.

The featured song, Right In The Thick Of It, is about the expectation of life and the twists and turns it takes with its ups and downs. Sometimes the thoughts are radical and almost suicidal, but getting out of the comfort zone and letting go of those who don’t matter, lending a hand to those in need, ends up bringing freedom of spirit and thus continuing to wait for what life has in store for us.

Let’s get rid of the profiteers and give more attention to those who really care about us.

More music from This Kind of Things

Right In The Thick Of It was added to several playlist, including mysoundMusic featured artist and Rock – Punk Discovery

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