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A “Conspiracy” worth listening to.

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Conspiracy Tobias Hoffmann Jazz Orchestra

Tobias Hoffmann’s album, Conspiracy, named to Jack Bowers’ Best Jazz Albums of 2022 (

September 2022, Mons Records released a new album from multi-award-winning saxophonist, composer, and arranger Tobias Hoffmann titled “Conspiracy.” 

Under the motto, things just keep getting bigger, this recording follows his 2019 release “Retrospective” recorded with a nine piece band and this time features a full big band.

Tobias stated that throughout his journey in music “… there have been two hearts beating in my chest: on the one hand that of the saxophone player and on the other that of the composer and arranger.”

When you first listen to this recording it becomes clear that on “Conspiracy” Tobias has been able to merge these two hearts into one. (press release)

“Conspiracy” has recently been named in Jack Bowers’ Best Jazz Albums of 2022 (