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Todd Barrow – Prisoner of Love

Todd Barrow

Story behind the song – Prisoner Of Love

I started writing this song a few months ago to reach a broader audience. I enjoy writing high paced energy songs but sometimes the song needs to be a ballad.

This is a country ballad with an emotional subject. The subject is breaking up and living with a broken heart. Fits well in the country music scene.

In the past several friends have told me their stories so I decided to write about it. We all want to hear about a happy ending but in reality when romance goes out the window you encounter a hard situation.

Relationships take a lot of work and must be maintained to keep the love meter running. Prisoner of love gives fresh insight to what happens when a person leaves later to realize they made a mistake.

Hopefully this song will speak to the heart of many to help navigate through some rocky times. The song is extremely emotional with a resounding melody line and cool stuff happening in every lyric.

I imagine the song would do well in a movie about love gone bad. After looking at what to record next this song jumped out at me and I knew it was time to record it.  I know every guy out there will relate to it and gals will being excited that it is being talked about.

Sit back and enjoy my new hit single, “Prisoner of Love!”    

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