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Tom Glükler writes how his beak has grown and tells stories about life, the world and love from an interesting perspective and with incisive wit.

Tom Glükler has been involved with music since childhood. His favorite instrument? Anything with buttons. Making music, composing and producing are his passions.

“As a kid, I used to play my parents’ piano all the time,” he says.

He trained musically at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Zurich. His musical journey led through African pop, blues, funk to Caribbean reggae sounds.

Tom Glükler

The song Stohn uf Brems, which also gave the album its name, is about the fast-paced world. The rapid pace can quickly overwhelm you.

The catchy chorus is therefore an appeal to slow down a little or to step on the brakes. The tasty reggae number impressively summarizes the whole album thematically.

Tom Glükler
Episode 10