Travis Slut

Travisslut is the emerging lyrical king.

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Born in Lagos Nigeria, this emerging lyrical king Travisslut relocated to Brooklyn New York when he was 19 years old.

He is now on the quest of delivering exceptional experiences to music lovers worldwide and especially those who have an affinity for spectacular and authentic rap music.

Coming through with thought-provoking lyrics and irresistible melodies, Travisslut is set to make sure you never forget his name. He is staying true to the goal of using rap music as a form of expressing feelings and situations with his passionate lyrical delivery touching the soul of its listener from the word go.

He comes through with a reputation for doing things a bit differently from what you have been accustomed to from other rappers and it is that unique authenticity that will certainly make many listeners attracted to his style and delivery!

China is a raw piece that hits hard and dazzles with tremendous style and fashion as he pulls no punches with his razor-sharp lyricism cutting through and putting all the fake n*ggas in their places.

He puts his heart and soul in this rap performance as he showcases to be a baby face assassin with his straight-shooting lyrical wordplay and intricate bar drops.


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