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From a very young age, Tye Cee was always surrounded by music at home. The record player was constantly playing sounds of extraordinary singers and composers of Soul, Funk, Disco, Pop, Caribbean, Folk, Bossa Nova or even Opera.

Through these different currents, Tye Cee could find some relief and escape the difficult moments. This fusion of influences and meanings gave birth to his passion for singing, performing and composing his own nostalgic fusion of neo-soul songs.

At 13 years old when he wrote his first song. Through music, Tye Cee wanted to give back some entertainment, peace and relief to everyone who listens to his music – so they can see that they are not finally being left behind.

Tye Cee knows what it’s like to feel that way. For You has been released on 27 August 2021 on all digital music platforms;

Tye Cee wanted to do something different for his new single, For You. With this song, he wanted to have fun travelling to the dance floor vibes of the 80s. Tye Cee wanted something fresh, up-tempo with bass and funky beats to contrast with the lyrics which may sound a bit nostalgic but with inches of hope.

Tye Cee hopes you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed composing and writing it.

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