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Unorthadox Phantom

Unorthadox Phantom

Unorthadox Phantom is constantly working on his wordplay, rhymes and cadence. Although he officially started recording in 2017 and that very same year performed at a few events. Now working as an independent artist on the album “The Diary Of A Phantom”, he is hoping this project will describe to the fans who Unorthadox Phantom truly is.

This song on the project called The Trans Allegheny Lunatic, named after a closed down insane asylum, is a song that he wrote about how even though we are constantly doing things to move forward, we rarely see any progress in actual life, driving us crazy.

Growing up, his fascination with rap music started to grow deeper as an outlet to escape his problems. Enjoying current day artists, to artists of the 80s and 90s. He was interested in how they escaped the struggle they were placed in. Growing up with a broken family, living in the lower class. Now Unorthadox Phantom writes about growing up in a hard place and his goal to change it in the future. Hoping that he can make people understand, they are not alone and there is always a solution. He stresses that the problems that people have can be solved with hard work and dedication.

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