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Urban Royalty

Urban Royalty is a multifaceted California Bay Area creative collective made up of family through love & loyalty. This is Reina, Apollo, Kush Bud, Donnie Baby, PapaBear & ThumoLij’s first musical compilation’ (Reina and Papa Bear are siblings, Apollo is Reina and Papa Bear’s first cousin, Kush Bud and ThumoLij are brothers).

As they develop & maintain their own brands, in this project you will hear how each artist presents a unique style with crisp collaborations over futuristic trap beats.

Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up was recorded, mixed and mastered at the legendary K-Lou Recording Studio, home studio to many classic artists like Master P and the late Mac Dre.

Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up was inspired by the collective notion that there is strength in numbers and creating with a team can assist in your personal growth as an artist.

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