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I Can’t Say is the final track on my new EP ‘Something To Write To‘. Age: 19 Year of writing and recording this new project: 2020 – 2021

I originally created this EP as backing tracks for a featured artist compilation, but complications with timing, quarantine, and a variety of disruptions, left the project incomplete.

I decided to release the songs as instrumentals, except this track. This track has vocals at the end. I was playing around with the bridge and it just felt like a rock song so I wanted to sing on it, although my voice isn’t the strongest. I rocked out on it and left it on the track. I play every instrument heard on the songs (except drums). I did program and compose the sequencing by building my own kit.

If you read the album tracks in sequence they form a poem. I hope this inspires freestyles and singing challenges over the tracks.

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