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Moon Rovers

Moon Rovers is a band of 4. 4 freaks from Russian outback. Take a Break had been released before but it was deleted by label by its fault. Moon...

Alexander Joseph

Alexander Joseph

Now or Never reflects on the challenging circumstances we’ve been facing around the world recently, whilst also drawing attention to the incredible...

Rodry-Go! & Kasbah Rockers

This is the second collaboration on a Cumbia track for Rodry-Go! and Kasbah Rockers. Their first single "Cumbia Pa La Flaca" made it into the sound...

Loose Buttons

Loose Buttons

"Window Seat" is Loose Buttons' first project with Hop Along guitarist and Beach Bunny producer Joe Reinhart behind the boards, as well as the band's...

pop rock artist red-nobilis

Red Nobilis

Warm, colored, pop. A pinch of colors, a hint of groovy pop with acoustic accents and a huge feeling of freedom. With a real catchy chorus, « Tori »...

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