YEV singer-songwriter

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YEV is a Ukrainian American singer-songwriter and multimedia artist with a colorful immigrant story. An outsider looking in, his unique voice helps to navigate American culture, putting a new spin on classic western concepts. YEV’s sound has a dreamy indie pop flavor, with distinct elements of folk rock, soul, baroque pop, and world music. Soaked in nostalgia, his music often creates haunting soundscapes that are the backdrop to introspective stories, love songs, and social commentary.

“The inspiration for this song is many years in the making, reflecting on my struggles to communicate when I was younger. As an immigrant kid I had a difficult time expressing myself while adjusting to western culture and mannerisms. Discovering a passion for music and art was the key to unlocking my voice and ultimately growing wonderful relationships with people. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Episode 13